Happy Monkey Internet Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Happy Monkey Internet, a premier provider of broadband, business telephone, and mobile services based in Perth, Western Australia. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled connectivity solutions tailored to both individual and enterprise needs, ensuring reliability, security, and compliance with the highest industry standards.

Acceptance of Terms

By subscribing to and utilizing the services provided by Happy Monkey Internet, you, the customer, acknowledge and agree to be bound by these comprehensive terms and conditions. These terms serve to protect both the user’s rights and our operational integrity, ensuring a transparent and satisfactory service experience.

1. **Detailed Service Descriptions**

1.1 Broadband Services: We offer an array of high-speed internet options, including NBN, Aussie Fibre, and bespoke Enterprise solutions. Our packages are designed to cater to varying demands for speed, bandwidth, and reliability, supported by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ranging from Basic to Gold tiers, each specifying performance metrics, availability targets, and remedy procedures for service failures.

1.2 Business Telephones: Our business telephony solutions provide unlimited national calls and texts, subject to a fair use policy designed to prevent misuse and ensure equitable access to our network resources for all customers. This service is optimized for business operations requiring dependable communication channels.

1.3 Mobile Services: We offer comprehensive mobile data and SIM plans, ensuring wide coverage and high-speed data access. Plans are tailored to support varying usage patterns, from basic data needs to high-demand enterprise mobility requirements.

2. **Equipment and Installation**

2.1 Equipment Provision: All necessary equipment, including routers, business telephones, and mobile devices, is provided on a rental basis. These devices remain the property of Happy Monkey Internet and are subject to specific terms regarding care, use, and return.

2.2 Installation Services: Professional installation services are available for broadband and business telephone setups, ensuring optimal performance and integration into your existing systems. Installation is subject to a fee, detailed in our pricing schedule.

3. **Pricing, Payments, and Billing**

3.1 Prepayment and Billing Cycle: Services are billed on a prepaid basis, with charges detailed in advance for the upcoming billing period. Payment is required 5 business days before the start of each cycle to ensure uninterrupted service.

3.2 Payment Methods: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and direct debit, providing flexible options for managing your account.

3.3 Late Payment Policy: Late payments may result in temporary suspension of service and incur a late fee, as outlined in our fee schedule. Reinstatement of service will occur upon full payment of overdue amounts, including any applicable late fees.

4. **Fair Use Policy**

Our fair use policy applies to all services, designed to prevent abusive or excessively high usage that could adversely affect the network and other users. This policy outlines acceptable use standards and the consequences of policy violations.

5. **Service Levels, Quality, and Availability**

5.1 SLA Specifications: Each SLA tier is detailed, outlining performance benchmarks, availability guarantees, and the process for claiming service credits in the event of non-compliance.

5.2 Network Maintenance and Upgrades: Scheduled maintenance and upgrade activities are necessary for the ongoing improvement and reliability of our services. Customers will be notified in advance of any planned disruptions.

6. **Data Protection and Privacy**

In strict compliance with Australian Privacy Principles and applicable data protection laws, our privacy policy details our practices regarding the collection, use, storage, and sharing of personal and usage data.

7. **Amendments and Modifications**

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions as necessary. Changes will be communicated to customers through official channels, including email and our website, becoming effective upon publication.

8. **Comprehensive Dispute Resolution**

8.1 Internal Resolution Process: We are committed to resolving disputes efficiently and fairly. Customers are encouraged to contact our customer service team with any issues for initial resolution.

8.2 TIO Escalation: In cases where a satisfactory outcome is not achieved through our internal processes, customers have the right to escalate their complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), in accordance with TIO’s procedures and guidelines.

9. **Cancellation, Termination, and Refunds**

Detailed procedures and conditions under which services may be cancelled or terminated by either party, including any applicable fees and refund policies for prepaid services.

10. **Liability and Indemnifications**

Limitations of liability for service failures, data breaches, and other incidents, including customer responsibilities and indemnification clauses to protect against claims arising from misuse of services.

11. **Governing Law and Jurisdiction**

These terms are governed by the laws of Western Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia, with jurisdiction for any disputes residing in the appropriate legal forums within these territories.

12. **Contact and Communication**

Official communication channels for customer support, billing inquiries, and technical assistance, including contact details for our customer service department.