Intelligent Business Information Systems & Integrations

At Happy Monkey we love technology and business, we are always researching the best ways of gaining efficiency by utilising integrated solutions.

We use management consulting techniques to analyse the needs of your business and review the effectiveness of current systems. By doing so and speaking with stakeholders we can come up with an effective system selection and implementation strategy including an approach for change management.

We are able to ensure that your systems will be integrated properly to ensure data integrity:

  • Accounting Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • File Systems
  • ERP Systems

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Custom Software Development

We pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions for our clients. Our solutions are developed to work with existing systems to ensure a seamless experience.


Hosted Applications

With our Australian based hosting network, we are able to offer you shared and dedicated hosting solutions for your applications. Get and keep your systems online with our fibre optic hosting network.


Accounting & CRM Integration

With our staff’s background in Accounting and Management consulting we can properly analyse your integration needs and ensure that any core systems maintain integrity of information.


Smart Systems

All of our systems are designed to save your business time and money. With proper analysis of your current processes we can ensure that any introduced systems are properly implemented and correct change management is put in place.