Happy Monkey Labs

At Happy Monkey we are continually innovating and looking at better solutions to current problems.

Our labs is a showcase of in-house created solutions that will change or extend the popularity of common web technologies. Some of our solutions will be available on outright purchase, others monthly subscriptions and in some cases as open source.


Document Generator

Do you fill out multiple forms for clients? Do each of those forms contain the same information? We have the solution for your business, this solution will save you lots of time and ensure consistency.


Upcoming: Magento Xero Connector

The cheapest Magento to Xero connector available on the market, allows you to fully connect your Xero and Magento experiences, saving you time and money.


Upcoming: Coupon Salesman

The perfect solution for door to door sales businesses, show the customer the product give them a coupon code and they can buy the goods at the price you quoted during your meeting.